Get yer rabbit here!

The gold grind continues, making gold on the average about 12k clear profit per day, I keep spending to much of my excess gold that is not used for warehousing enchanting materials and tailoring materials and leatherworking materials on mounts, pets and rare patterns to complete my set of Leatherworking and tailoring patterns. There is a few, very few Enchanting patterns left for Buffaloherde to find.


I have moved guilds on my main toons to Empyrean. I find it more hospitable than being by myself in guild Seksì. US Sargeras is such a huge place there is no reason to be by yourself. Empyrean has about 50-60 people on usually all the time. So there is always something to do, Flex, old school raids, which is just right up my money making alley. I collect all the greens, to disenchant, all the cloth to bolt up and stock away for future use and keep right on their heels. I have been stockpiling Ghost Iron Ore to the point my blacksmith Gephe no longer has any room left in his bank. You would think 3063 Ghost Iron Ore would be sufficient, but its not I continue to buy more as I see it come across, cheap as it is I cannot afford to pass it up. Its selling for 50g a stack and I’m buying it below 20g a stack most times to begin with.

In my month long absence I have aquired the three new mounts, The Armored Bloodwing, the Enchanted Fey Dragon and the Iron Skyreaver. The cost associated with the three new mounts was 45000g. I have acquired 96 mounts at the moment and will soon cross the 100 mount threshold. I have already crossed the 100 pet threshold and am currently at 106 companions with 90% of them being rare or epic pets. Collecting rare/epic pets has become  a past time and a way to make gold as well. What I don’t want and have already acquired I just put up on the auction house for resale.

As far as the gold grind goes, I am sticking with MOP Enchants, Tailoring bags, Trans-mog gear and spell threads and Leatherworking, bags, armor kits, and cloaks of all kinds. These seem to be the most repetitive items that I make over and over each day in and day out. The bag market has fluctuated a bit, but has been a steady income. I still make a few engineering items that sell well and  few shields and armor/weapon enhancements that are made from Blacksmithing. I have left Jewel-crafting and Inscription & Alchemy on the side road a way back as they don’t seem to be profitable and the margins are really thin to begin with. So why push into those markets  more than a few items is all I ever create anyways. I still do my Alchemy transmute for  Living steel which seems to always be profitable. Once you have learned all the JC & Scribe patterns the Panda mage is in retirement at the moment.

Now for the big surprise. Food, yes Food, equals gold in this expansion for some reason no one has picked up the new 300 stat items and posted them on the auction house. Mostly because the items cant be stockpiled due to their perishable status. It takes about an hour per day to gather enough Pom Fruit, Petals and rice and other things in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, literally no gold involved here at all for creating and making these items and posting them on the auction house. Seasoned Pom Fruit Slices, Spiced blossom soup, Farmers Delight, Stuffed Lushrooms, and Mango Ice are all profitable and sell well at 35g per item. It takes literally no time at all to gather and accrue these items, and if you kill some mogu rares along the way you gather the cheese, vinegar and spices needed for crafting plus you get a few reputation gains along the way. The rice is gathered in the Go Lai Halls, it just sits there waiting on you. Its free gold people. Just waiting on you to gather it up. So get out there and make some gold.



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